Why Should You Care About the Collapse of Twitter?

2 min readNov 13, 2022

Twitter has been chugging along for a while. I joined in August 2015.

It’s not my primary social media, but I spend time there frequently.

I freaked when I first read that Elon Musk wanted to purchase it. Nothing could have prepared me for what’s happened since he bought it.

When I read the headline, Musk warns of Twitter bankruptcy as more senior executives quit, my mouth dropped open. What!??!

Could Musk tank Twitter in less than a month?

The internal chaos and Twitter being cashed strapped as advertisers bail are making that a reality. Who cares? You should.

  • Twitter is a worldwide social connection for countless people. It was free until Musk purchased it.
  • Twitter has helped connect protesters during domestic strife both internationally and in the United States.
  • Twitter is used for natural disaster purposes; connecting families and people to emergency assistance.
  • Twitter is the best real-time news app.

There are many more reasons that Twitter should exist.

I don’t care about Elon Musk. I do care that he’s destroying a vital resource for countless people. His reckless behavior is hurting people starting…