Why Should You Care About the Collapse of Twitter?

2 min readNov 13, 2022

Twitter has been chugging along for a while. I joined in August 2015.

It’s not my primary social media, but I spend time there frequently.

I freaked when I first read that Elon Musk wanted to purchase it. Nothing could have prepared me for what’s happened since he bought it.

When I read the headline, Musk warns of Twitter bankruptcy as more senior executives quit, my mouth dropped open. What!??!

Could Musk tank Twitter in less than a month?

The internal chaos and Twitter being cashed strapped as advertisers bail are making that a reality. Who cares? You should.

  • Twitter is a worldwide social connection for countless people. It was free until Musk purchased it.
  • Twitter has helped connect protesters during domestic strife both internationally and in the United States.
  • Twitter is used for natural disaster purposes; connecting families and people to emergency assistance.
  • Twitter is the best real-time news app.

There are many more reasons that Twitter should exist.

I don’t care about Elon Musk. I do care that he’s destroying a vital resource for countless people. His reckless behavior is hurting people starting with Twitter employees.

Mass firings at Twitter from day one.

Musk’s erratic behavior is best documented by Platformer’s article Inside the Twitter meltdown. Twitter is now a totally toxic work environment.

Before Musk, Twitter was an ethical company. Using the app was free. They suspended, banned, and deleted accounts that endangered others. They worked to make Twitter better for users, not hustle money.

If Twitter collapses the world will suffer. Yes, there are alternatives but none are as expansive.

My hope is that the former employees of Twitter create a new platform. Everyone who knew how to make Twitter work got fired so why not?