Why I’m Dropping My Paywall

2 min readDec 16, 2020


Monetizing over Messaging

Money, Money, Money… at what cost?

When monetizing Medium became a thing, I was interested. Not because I wanted to make a buck. I thought it was nice to be able to.

Before the monetization of media, writers could express themselves freely, no pun intended.

That’s all changed and not for the better.

I believe that this extreme trend of paywalls and making a buck for your writing is a grotesque spin on a penny for your thoughts.

I recently started a publication to help people during the pandemic. At first, I kept the meter setting checked. I never thought twice about unchecking the box. I was too focused on publishing my work.

I got to thinking about the value of the information versus the payout morality. What I was sharing matters to people. Why was I charging for this? I was keeping people from that knowledge.

This pandemic has cost many their livelihoods. Few can afford the luxury of paying for information.

Honestly, knowledge should be free. Unless the writer really needs to survive on this paywall’s money, shouldn’t we be more altruistic during this crisis?

I’m not writing my publication for fame, fortune, or ego. I’m sharing my knowledge to help people who need it.

I’ve dropped my paywall.