Plastic: Why We Have To Stop Using It and Some Ways You Can Help

1 min readNov 30, 2021

See why it’s deadly and the little steps you can take to help our planet

Photo by Lara Jameson from Pexels

I’ve cared about the health of our planet since I was a kid. Unfortunately, plastic has been massively pumped into our environment for decades.

We’re now killing the planet with it!

Oceanic life is eating it and becoming entangled in it. Beaches are being poisoned by it. It’s become the new oil spill of the ocean.

Land-based creatures are also endangered by it. I watched a very hungry squirrel eat a plastic champagne glass only to have it get it over its neck. Fortunately, it was able to remove it, but my heart broke watching this.

I want to share some information about plastic and what we can do about it. So here goes:

and another about our water

and how plastic hurts people

and how corporations use of single-use plastics hurt the environment

even grocers use unnecessary plastics