I’ve Moved Over To Substack & Here’s Why

3 min readMay 3, 2023


You’re Invited To Join Me


Dear Readers and Subscribers,

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting anything new for a while.

Some of you have been with me from the beginning, which has been a long time.

Some of you have just subscribed expecting new stuff from me…

I won’t be publishing any new content on Medium

and here’s why

I’ve been on Medium for a very long time. Actually pretty much from the beginning.

There wasn’t a paid option when I began.

There wasn’t a cultivated, curated, and manicured environment either.

It was just people writing, sharing, and actually connecting.

Over the years Medium changed. A lot!

I feel that it has forgotten its roots.

As the years passed, the environment changed.

Community disappeared, connections were lost, and the terrain became about the hustle.

With the addition of paid writing, Medium evolved into another creature.

Yes, Medium added publications and other new gadgets to entice people, but it was all about the hustle.

Writing lost its spark, it became the grind, then a boiler room to produce.

I didn't come to Medium to become a cog in a wheel.

And so I went over to Substack .


I’m not pressured to write a minimum of minutes of readable text to make a buck.

People can now subscribe to my writing for free or charge. It’s a choice. They can still read my writing. It’s not All or Nothing!

Here’s what’s always bothered me about Medium. The push to exclude people from the majority of the writing on the site. Writers are pressured to become subscribers to Medium. Readers are pressured to become subscribers to Medium.

You can’t read anything on Medium unless you’re a subscriber… Subscribers mean money for Medium, writers not so much.

Another thing that gets me is that outside links are not payable. When you post your stuff to social media and someone reads it, you don’t get paid for it. WOW!

What does Medium do for you? Ask yourself.

It’s a gig economy where you don’t get paid.

As I said, it’s all about the hustle.


I’m inviting you to The Reawakening, my new publication.

It’s free to sign up at Substack. It’s free to read on Substack.

There’s lots of fun stuff there.

There’s a community there. People chat with each other.

I’ve really been enjoying my new platform because it’s a friendly environment.

There’s no grammar police or other such restrictive stuff to keep you down.

I like writing again.

I don’t get penalized for putting my stuff on social media. Substack actually encourages it and helps you to do it! WOW…

It’s a whole different planet over there.

I want to thank you all for reading my writing here, and for subscribing. I’m going to miss you… although, I never got to know you really. It doesn’t work that way on Medium.

If you do join me at The Reawakening please connect with me and let me know you’re one of my people here. I’d love to get to know you...finally.