Monetizing over Messaging

Money, Money, Money… at what cost?

When monetizing Medium became a thing, I was interested. Not because I wanted to make a buck. I thought it was nice to be able to.

Before the monetization of media, writers could express themselves freely, no pun intended.

That’s all changed and not for the better.

Comparison Lists At Your Fingertips

A Comparative List of Grocery Delivery Services / Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

Online grocery shopping is big business. Beginning with the pandemic, it’s become a booming trade. Nationwide consumers are buying into home grocery delivery. Stock traders and investment companies are taking note of their lucrative prospects.

Why are consumers using online grocery delivery? Fear of covid-19…

Make 2020 Festive And Safe

A picture of traditional holiday items and message “Fun Socially Distanced Holiday Ideas: Make 2020 Festive & Safe”

2020 Is On Its Way Out!!

We’ve made it this far folks! I’m sure many of you are exhausted by now. It’s been a very hard year.

The holiday season is here. But so is a pandemic. How are we going to deal with that?

I’m happy to say we can…

Make It Easy This Year With These Ideas

two glasses of egg nog, a plate of holiday cookies and a Santa hat.
It’s Holiday Cookie Time: Make It Easy This Year With These Ideas

It’s Sugar Rush Season

The holiday season is packed with lots of goodies, but it’s best known for cookies.

Lots of cookies!

I have fond memories of spritz butter cookies being made by the ton. My father loved making and baking them. …

Shop Produce in Season and Save Money

Fresh carrots for sale at Farmer’s market. Bunches of carrots for sale.
Shop Produce in Season and Save Money: Bunch Carrots for Sale at Market

You may go shopping and buy some fruit, thinking it will be delicious, only to find that it isn’t. I know about this because my husband does this. He buys apples in the summer and can’t figure out why they taste weird.


For The Days You’re Running On Empty

bow tie pasta, olive oil, tomatoes, zucchini, olives, garlic and onion

For many cooking is a new thing. For a great many, cooking multiple meals a day is getting to you. This post is for you.

Cooking burnout is a real thing. Even seasoned home cooks get it.

What to do?

Wander over to…

Don’t Get Caught with Spam & Beans… Without Toilet Paper

A handwritten shopping list saying bread, eggs, and milk.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Have you ever gone into the grocery store to buy a few items you’ve run out of, only to get home and find that you didn’t get them? I bet you didn’t have a list. You’re the average shopper. Most people go grocery shopping ‘cold’, believing that they’ll remember what…

How Stereotypes Are Destroying Our Society

face of blond woman with sun glasses partially hidden behind textured glass.

I have the misfortune of looking like a Karen. Being an adult white, blond woman can be dangerous. It never used to be. Now, I’m the dreaded white lady you see in your store, or on the bus, or really anywhere. It doesn’t help…

Understanding The Reason You Should Invest In One

A wooden frame shelving with bottles and jars of dried food, herbs, wooden spoons and a rolling pin.
Why Having a Pantry is Essential in Your Life

I didn’t grow up having a pantry in our home. My parents believed that shopping for food every day was great. We rarely had much in our cupboards and living in New England with the changeable weather, this wasn’t smart.

As I got older, I began to meet marvelous women…

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

People love the words sustainability, ethical and conscious consumerism. Saying the words is one thing, living them is another. Being ethical ain’t easy. Selling it is even harder. This is about the birth of a social enterprise.

Fair Trade vs. Free Trade

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. …


I write a natural food blog, love to cook, & struggle to get my life going in the right direction.

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